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Faceroller.comFaceroller is an application that allows you to upload your photo, tag it, and share it with the world. Fully integrated with Facebook and Flickr, Faceroller ensures that your most up-to-date photos are seen by everyone.


If you happen to be in an especially interesting or beautiful place take a picture of it with your phone and upload it directly with the Faceroller mobile application. Keep in mind that in order to make use of Faceroller on the go, you will need to download the software for your phone, but after having done so just once, you can keep the world up-to-date with your latest photo. So if you are looking for an easy way to share your face with the world, check out Faceroller. In Their Own Words

Snap from your webcam, your mobile phone, an email or a photo on your PC and share it with the world.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The mobile application could be especially useful as it allows people to update and tag in near real time. Kind of like Twitter with photos.

Some Questions About

There is no shortage of similar applications available these days and Faceroller does not do anything that hasn’t been done before. Do they have what it takes to grow quickly enough?

Author : Caroline Bright

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