Facelette.com – Chat With Random FaceTime Device Owners

Facelette.comAgreed, the release of Facelette is the direct result of what some perceive as the limited connectivity of FaceTime devices. But it is also motivated by the sheer fun that comes from applying the dynamics of Chatroulette to just anything. Nobody would deny that a service like FaceTime was too good a target to miss.

Facelette, then, comes from the marriage of FaceLite and Chatroulette. It is a service that randomly connects owners of FaceTime devices among themselves. In case the concept is new to you, we are talking about people who have either an iPhone 4, a 4th Generation iPod Touch or that are running the FaceTime application on their Macs.

So, if you own one such device and you feel adventuresome enough then you can give Facelette a try by supplying your FaceTime ID when prompted. And that is all you are required to do, actually. Just like Chatroulette, Facelette is a free service. And you won?t have to download anything to get started either.

Facelette.com In Their Own Words

Like chat roulette but with more apple products and stuff.

Why Facelette.com It Might Be A Killer

Just like Chatroulette, this is the kind of service that everybody uses at least once to see what the fuss is all about.

Some Questions About Facelette.com

Will people become interested enough to use this regularly? Facelette.com