FaceContact.com – Find new Clients with Referral Bonus

FaceContact.comThe recently launched FaceContact startup is looking to capitalize on the growing number of people who want to create and manage their referral programs. Paying a reward for an external referral can be a cumbersome process that may involve administrative and legal hassles.

In addition, tracking who is eligible for each reward and ensuring prompt payment or shipment are often nearly impossible tasks on a large scale, especially when referrals are received from an acquaintance of an acquaintance. Fortunately, you can forget about this headache with the new FaceContact.com services. FaceContact.com offers a complete one-stop solution, with all referral tracking, lead and prospect information, and account information in one place. FaceContact.com completely automates the process so that you can track everything from user-friendly dashboards. And FaceContact.com is indispensable when there are several people in a referral chain, where it can become more difficult to keep track of the network. Facecontact.com expands the engagement opportunities beyond only jobs to find service providers, new clients, investors, or investment opportunities (like real estate). The real payoff for using the FaceContact site is that registering is free, and you pay only if you are successful in finding a new client or job candidate.

FaceContact.com In Their Own Words

“FaceContact.com is an online tool for referral tracking through your social network with a cash reward and for managing the application and selection processes. FaceContact.com expands the engagement opportunities beyond jobs to help users find service providers, new clients, investors, or investment opportunities (like real estate).”

Why FaceContact.com It Might Be A Killer

The phenomenon of word-of-mouth marketing and finding contacts through referral is spreading via the internet. The first wave of the web was aggregation, the second is indexed searching, and the third is finding things through referrals, this is what FaceContact.com does. Combine this with the fact that nearly 60% of SME representatives said that more than a half of their business comes from customer referrals and word of mouth, while 30% said that more than 75% of their business comes from referrals.

Some Questions About FaceContact.com

Which strategies are they planning to grab a significant portion of the referrals market? FaceContact.com