FaceChipz.com – Social Networking For Children

FaceChipz.comI am sure that the ones over 25 have a distinct recollection of POGS, those collectible discs that every ‘90s kid either played or scoffed at, but that (for better or worse) marked one of the true fads of the decade. I was too old to play with them back then, but I do recall small boys playing in the playground left, right and center.

We older boys used to watch it all a little bemused. Well, now I am watching bemused for a second time as a social networking site named FaceChipz has updated the concept for the digital age.

This social site is targeted at these kids that are too young to immerse themselves fully into stalwarts like Facebook and Orkut, but who are too old to play with children sites any longer. The way it all works is by buying FaceChipz and then distributing them across their friends. They will do the same in due time, and children will keep a registry with the codes of the chips they have received.

In that way, children are networking based on something that has a physical existence. The safety of the network is certainly commendable, as kids can only interact with whomever gave them the chips, and the codes will only work once. Besides, there is no search functionality at all.

On the whole, an interesting way of getting your children started in the world of social networking. Let’s face it, that is something they are going to do on their own eventually, so having the chance of guiding them along the way is a welcome one.

FaceChipz.com In Their Own Words

“FaceChipz™ was created by parents who were concerned about how, when and where their kids were spending time on the Internet. Our “tweenagers” outgrew the traditional websites for children but weren’t yet ready for the full-fledged, open social networking experience. We created FaceChipz to address those needs. Our kids were the “Chief Creative Officers and “Alpha” testers of this site. They told us what they liked, what they didn’t like, what worked and what didn’t work. We listened, and then we programmed.

Now, after a year in development, we’re proud to share FaceChipz with you. We hope you enjoy the site and that it satisfies today’s parents’ privacy concerns. We’re still tweaking and adding things, and would very much appreciate your feedback.”

Why FaceChipz.com It Might Be A Killer

Such a network provides children with a social experience that is fun and safe above everything else.

Some Questions About FaceChipz.com

Will it catch on? How will the company market it? FaceChipz.com