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FacebookLimiter.comFacebook is the timewaster of the millennium. Period. Employers everywhere recognize the risks that go with letting their employees have free access to it during work hours. And employees everywhere are going to find this new software worth a look as a result.


Facebook Limiter does exactly what its name suggests: restrict the access that people have to Facebook. This application can actually be used to apply three different kind of locks, to wit: 1) A simple lock that will prevent a specific person from accessing Facebook on a computer, 2) A time lock that will restrict access to Facebook from a certain hour to another, and 3) A total lock that will keep even you from accessing Facebook on your own computer. This will be useful if you have to get work done, and want to ensure distractions will be lowered all the way to zero.

And a nice plus is that this application can also block access to YouTube if that is what you want. It is all provided as part of the same package. In Their Own Words

Block facebook and limit facebook access.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Parents will be able to use this application to make for safer environments for those they have to look after, and employers will use it to increase productivity.

Some Questions About

How much does it cost?

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