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Ever since it was introduced by Ford in 2000, the Ford F-650 became one of the clearest choices for businesses and municipalities looking for utilitarian trucks. And SuperTruck is a company that sells them online, at (formerly You can buy both custom-made and pre-owned F-650 trucks on this site, and the company also sells some older models like the F-450 and the F-550.


Whatever the vehicle you want to buy, on the site you’ll be able to look at lots of interior and exterior pictures. And also, look at their full specs and figure out which vehicle is the one that would be less expensive to maintain. (Financing options are available here.)

Besides, the company is an outfitter of chasses. That is, you can buy any of the latest chasses that have been produced by Ford, and SuperTruck will fit it for you. The site actually includes tons of pictures of these trucks that the company has already built.

Additionally, on you can buy parts for your truck. The company has got a large catalog which includes everything from wheels, tail light kit sets and axles to polishes for making your truck look pristine. You can check all these items on the company’s eBay Store.

SuperTruck's owners Chris Walker and George Stickler.

Author : Bruce Turner

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