F11.com – Discover and Share Soccer Videos

F11.comF11.com is a video-sharing website for fans of football (soccer to you Yankees out there).

The site is still a work in progress, but currently lets users create personal profiles and upload football-related videos. The site lets you search for videos in a variety of categories (which range from “Goals” to “Apparel” to “Events”). F11 claims its 11 categories (you see where the name comes from now) represent the most important aspects of the game, and therefore all soccer videos should fall into one or more of these genres. If you scroll over the icons of the categories, a drop-down menu will let you learn more about them in case you’re having some doubts about where the video you want to upload belongs. You can also comment on videos (the site uses a Digg-like system, but instead of the “Digg” terminology they use “Touch”; therefore, a video with six “Touches” was received favorably six times).

F11.com In Their Own Words

“A Football community where you can share, discover, and promote all the online video content that surrounds football. The site will allow you to take all football content that is scattered throughout the web and place it in front of genuine football audience”.

Why F11.com It Might Be A Killer

Expansion pending, F11 could be a good community for sharing and viewing football-related videos. Its design seems pretty professionally executed and the drop-down menus that explain the categories are helpful and make for a better search experience. This site should definitely see some success if they add some web 2.0/social networking features in the future.

Some Questions About F11.com

F11 is still in beta version, so it has a lot of kinks it needs to smooth out. A lot of features still don’t work properly, and the site’s pages need to be completed. The “Current News” section doesn’t have a lot of entries, so it’s unclear where the site is headed and what new functions it plans on adding. F11.com