Ezitask – Helping Small Businesses Always Stay Up To The Task

Small business owners might be tempted to communicate with employees just by word of mouth, but doing so is a mistake, one that leaves the business vulnerable and creates extra, unnecessary work.


How do things run when the owner unexpectedly can’t show up? Maybe everyone knows exactly what to do, maybe they don’t. Without documentation, there’s no way to be certain that business goes on per usual when unforeseen circumstances arise.


Ezitask eliminates such concerns, outfitting small businesses with the same kind of enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools used at large companies, so that processes are clearly in place and work gets done just right.


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With ezitask, you can quickly detail and designate tasks, which includes attaching files or photos or videos that best explain how tasks should be completed. By documenting tasks and processes, small business owners leave no doubt as to how tasks should be executed and establish clear measures by which they can hold employees accountable.


Ezitask also enables management to delegate more effectively. Tasks can be broken down, assigned, and given deadlines. When tasks are completed, simple notifications alert the person in charge, so tracking progress and coordinating efforts are a cinch.


What’s more, it’s no problem to set up recurring tasks with ezitask – or to create triggers for more infrequent tasks – which cuts down on the time it takes to schedule and gets rid of redundant work.


Everything from scheduling shifts to ordering supplies, checking inventory to performing opening and closing duties can be directed through ezitask. Managing different tasks all in one place makes life less complicated, while creating a record of routine practices both makes it easier to bring new employees onboard and allows owners to review how their business is working.


In the company’s own words, ezitask gives small business owners “a consistent framework for instructions as well as a accessible documentation of how you want things done in your business for it to stand apart from your competitors.”


Whether you’re a business of two or 200 people, in retail or hospitality, or a professional service provider such as a lawyer or electrician, ezitask is designed to help you work efficiently.


Ezitask will be free forever for those who take advantage of signing up now while the startup is currently in beta. So, small business owners who’ve felt priced out of bringing protocols up to date, online – or who’ve been craving a professional edge over the competition – ezitask is the tool you’ve been waiting for.


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