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EZFoodie.comLook no further than this platform if you are a restaurateur and you are weighing up all your available options for having a website for your venue. EZFoodie is going to appeal to you not only because it is a cost-effective solution, but also because every site that is built through it is built on top of WordPress, arguably one of the most versatile platforms for the upload and delivery of content currently available.

Any restaurant site assembled using EZFoodie comes with an interactive menu, photos, and both social media and Open Table integration. The actual menu layout is something that the user can choose from the many that are offered, and once one has been chosen then it can be easily changed in order to accommodate any new image that the venue is aiming to project.

And it is every bit as important to mention that all the sites created through EZ Foodie are SEO-friendly, and that they all come with an associated Google Analytics account.

EZFoodie.com In Their Own Words

Create a website for your restaurant.

Why EZFoodie.com It Might Be A Killer

Since everything is built on top of WordPress, the whole interface has that added touch of familiarity that people always need in order feel more at home.

Some Questions About EZFoodie.com

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