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ExtraHop.comExtraHop is a company that aims to innovate in the field of network and application management by rethinking the traditional approach to such tasks. Basically, the company provides a solution that makes for constant and comprehensive visibility via a passive network appliance.


Named the ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance System, this solution dispenses with the procedural headaches of having to install agents and train your team in order to run complex toolsets, and it fulfills the aim of not only pinpointing problems but also enabling users to address them in due time.

Furthermore, solutions both by role and by IT challenge are provided. The former touch upon roles such as “IT Management”, “Network Operations” and “Application Support”, whereas the latter encompass both troubleshooting and performance tuning. Capacity planning is taken into consideration, too.

The prices the company charges for such products and solutions are listed online, and a free trial is duly provided for you to arrive at your own conclusions. A demo is also featured to these ends, and it is possible to download a datasheet in case you need further information. In Their Own Words

“The ExtraHop system is built from the ground up with today’s network- and application-management challenges in mind. While traditional tools still live in a siloed, infrastructure-centric world, ExtraHop understands that the rules have changed. Your new IT reality is a hyper-distributed and virtualized world, where applications, networks, and databases are inextricably linked. When a problem arises, you need to pinpoint the root cause with confidence and accuracy, in the least amount of time possible. ExtraHop empowers your teams to do just that. We provide the only network and application management solution that delivers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The provided solution stands as an interesting take on network monitoring that aims to dispense with characteristic niggles and inject some vitality in the proceedings.

Some Questions About

How is the system exactly implemented? What is the degree of customization at play?

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