Extension.fm – Never Lose A Good MP3 Again

Extension.fmI think that the one and only criticism that could be leveled at music blogs is there is a superabundance of content available there. Think about it, recording a MP3 today and having it featured on this or that blog is an absolute piece of cake.

Even people who know just the rudiments of how the Internet works and the things you can actually achieve through it are able to get their MP3s spread like a wildfire all over the Web.

That is only a partial indictment on the blogs that aggregate such media. They are simply gathering together the kind of files that they have been created for compiling. But selectivity should be applied. If the blog aggregates MP3s without rhyme or reason, the results are nothing short of chaotic. When the blogger has a moderate input, then it is slightly easier on the user… provided he checks the blog daily, and that new music does not pile up. Because if that happens, some good songs are going to become lost along the way.

This Chrome extension aims to do something about that. Upon being implemented, it will generate a list of all the MP3 links that you have come across. A library that you can check back anytime you want is built, and your chances of losing good tunes are minimized to a considerable degree.

Extension.fm In Their Own Words

“ExtensionFM is a browser extension for Chrome that finds every MP3 file on pages you visit and automatically creates a library of those songs for you to enjoy.”

Why Extension.fm It Might Be A Killer

It is a free and instant way to make the Internet end up resembling something akin to a personal music library.

Some Questions About Extension.fm

Will other browsers be supported in the near future? What about Firefox? Extension.fm