Extate.com – Property listings for the UK

Extate.comIf you want to find real estate in the UK or South Africa, check out Extate. The site crawls the websites of real estate agencies to find real estate offerings, then put them into their database, so you can easily perform a search over more than one real estate website.

If you want Extate to crawl your agency’s site, you are more likely to be used by them if you add a Google Sitemap to your site. Real estate agents can put listings on Extate for free. You can search on Extate by location, and then refine your search by price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, and availability. The property is shown in a thumbnail image with the price and descriptions.

Extate.com In Their Own Words

“How is extate different from all the other property search sites?
We’re a search engine, not a portal. The difference is that we don’t require agents to sign up and send us feeds. Instead we have software that automatically collects property listings from estate-agency sites. We also provide delicious features like natural language search, map browsing, videos, sharing, skype calling, heat maps, etc. And we’re pretty. Property owners love us. Buyers are addicted. Hell, we even use extate search ourselves.

I’ve seen a house for sale that’s not on your site. What gives?
Although we’re expanding our coverage rapidly, we don’t yet have property listings from all agents. Who does?

I’ve seen a home for sale on your site that’s already sold. Why waste my time?
Apologies. We try to update the property details daily, but often the agents take a while to mark a home as sold.

Who can list properties on extate?
Only agents with a website are allowed to list properties.”

Why Extate.com It Might Be A Killer

Extate uses crawl technology to gather up the best real estate offerings for the UK and South Africa. It provides complete information and it’s smart to allow real estate agencies to post for free.

Some Questions About Extate.com

Will Extate be expanding their services to other hot real estate spots that might be of interest to British or South African site users? Extate.com