Expreem.com – Do Things In Real Life

Expreem.comExpreem is a social networking site with a difference, namely that the lines separating what happens online and what takes place in real life are blurred quite a bit, or drawn in a most peculiar way.

The essence of Expreem is encouraging interactions in the real world. The site couples people who have never seen each before, and has them take part of challenges and activities. For example, a typical Expreem activity is to send 5 boys and 5 girls who have never met before to have dinner at a restaurant near to where they live.

In this way, people can become involved in situations that are actually natural, but that they might not be able to experience that often. So, it can be said that Expreem is a service for effectively accelerating your social life, in which everything is started online – just by joining the site and creating a profile you will be able to become part of this new platform for interaction.

Expreem.com In Their Own Words

We bring real people together into real life.

Why Expreem.com It Might Be A Killer

What the site does it to replicate real life patterns in a way that turns them accessible even to those who might be left out of it all otherwise.

Some Questions About Expreem.com

Who comes up with the activities that are announced on the site? Can users suggest their own? Expreem.com