Exponeer Re-imagines Expos, Events and Conferences

Spend thousands of dollars to travel through the night to give a half-awake presentation of your software, then read later about a potential business partner that was in attendance who you never bumped into…


What’s wrong with this picture? Try, everything!


The traditional format of exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences just doesn’t make sense for most businesses. Exponeer, on the other hand, has a new vision for virtual meeting space that saves everyone loads of time and money while still enabling them to achieve their objectives.




Instead of setting up booths to give half-cooked presentations to passers-by, Exponeer hosts virtual booths that remain visible 24/7. Immediately, this gives businesses a larger window of opportunity to increase their exposure. Companies can upload a recorded presentation, putting their best foot forward, showcasing their products and services an unlimited number of times, while eliminating all the time wasted assembling temporary stages.


As for communicating, Exponeer allows interested parties to contact each other directly. The difference between the online platform and traditional events: people don’t have the pressure of a ticking clock or a zillion booths to visit. Instead, they can conduct their conversation without distractions, for as long as they want, at the most convenient times.


Exponeer gets rid of all the stress and financial risk that accompanies attending events while leveraging technology so that business and customers from all over the world can connect.


Say goodbye to wasteful expense of hotels and travel and registration fees. More importantly, put an end to the tales of missed connections.


Exponeer still gives everyone the chance to follow “hot news,” but lets companies do so in much more sustainable fashion. Exponeer replaces the bad negative experiences that everyone has some familiarity with – spending a lot for little to no success – with “the biggest exhibition in the world” online, where people can make real connections, communicate, and grow their business, all while making better use of resources.


Why should anyone have to choose between locations in pursuit of business opportunities because of budget limitations? Exponeer allows companies to reach a worldwide audience. It also allows them to collect data such as how many visitors “attend” their stand on an ongoing basis.


The startup has already facilitated 6,640+ exhibitions. For a limited time, the platform offers registered users bonus financial perks. Learn more details and participate in all the Exponeer exhibitions that are right for your company, on exponeer.com.


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