ExplorApp.com – Discover New Apps

ExplorApp.comExplor is a free service that aims to make the discovery of iPhone apps a far more intuitive task for everybody. Essentially, the ones who came up with Explor have opted for a visual approach. Using Explor, you will be able to find new apps to try out by tapping the ones you already like.

That is, on Explor everything becomes a touch-based experience. Explor dispenses with forcing the user to execute searches, and having to drill down into the App Store category by category until he can find something that he remotely likes.

Explor uses a quality metric in order to ensure that only top of line apps will be recommended to you. And those who use Explor are able to share their finds with just everybody else – they have both a mobile and a Web profile, and recommending what they have found is a simple question of posting it there for all to see.

ExplorApp.com In Their Own Words

Discover, share and explore great apps.

Why ExplorApp.com It Might Be A Killer

It is much faster than launching a manual search, and filtering results category by category.

Some Questions About ExplorApp.com

Can the user specify the exact number of recommendations he is receiving? ExplorApp.com