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ExpertVillage.comThe aim of is to provide worldwide online “how to videos” , with high production values, made by qualified experts in particular fields, these experts share their contact information if you are interested in contacting them.

This means that you will find highly focused on a specific topic videos, organized in categories such as automotive & mechanical, beauty & fashion, crafts, food & drink, health & fitness, hobbies, home & garden, sports, bartending and other. Their goal is to provide users with qualified, trustworthy video content, and by this provide a place on the Internet where you know that what you see is not idle speculation by a random amateur, but rather by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. You can also apply to be an expert and publish your own videos, but to be considered an expert you must have or credentials or extensive personal experience in the field or both. Moreover, if you are interested in uploading some videos to your personal website, they offer you an embedded player, which is really easy to use, in addition, if you already have videos to submit you can do it too, also if you would like to rate articles, bookmark entries or make comments, you can get an account at in a free and easy way. In Their Own Words

“Our mission is to build a world-class repository of how-to videos and articles featuring advice from recognized experts in their fields. Who do you believe? The Internet is filling up with content. But the challenge in the information age is no longer finding information, but figuring out which information to believe. Our philosophy is to film and interview leading experts who teach you what they know. We go a step further by providing you the credentials of the expert we consulted so that you can judge the credibility of the information you receive.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

What an excellent idea, just what everyone was needing. It’s a great and innovative service, provided in a free way, carried out by real experts in the particular categories they offer. Moreover its a fun site to navigate, with great material.

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Do they update the videos in a daily basis? Can the videos be watched in any PC?