ExitReality.com – Surf the Web in 3D


ExitReality.comLooks like 3D is the way to go. Movies are going 3D via Imax (and it’s not you’re old, silly, blue and red glasses 3D) and now the web is doing the same.

ExitReality is one site that wants to change the way you see the web. ExitReality can, essentially, turn any webspace into 3D. Initially, the company dealt with only social networking sites, but now it’s focus has been turned to a wider scale, the web as a whole. With ExitReality’s premium technology, you can turn your old 2D webpage into a 3D one; you can view any website in 3D, chat, create a 3D avatar, meet new people, and the whole social networking nine yards. You need to join and download it to use it, but it’s free.

ExitReality.com In Their Own Words

“ExitReality is a free internet plug-in that allows anyone to view every web page in 3d.”

Why ExitReality.com It Might Be A Killer

ExitReality is a cool tool to add to your Web 2.0 arsenal, especially with the increasing popularity of virtual worlds. It adds a new twist to the way you surf the web.

Some Questions About ExitReality.com

Will this catch on? Will users like the results? ExitReality’s approach seems like a good idea, but can they generate revenue from it? ExitReality.com