ExcelerateLabs.com – A New Incubator Based On Chicago

ExcelerateLabs.comExcelerate is a new incubator that has its seat in the city of Chicago. In this particular case, at lest six of the startups that become involved will eventually be chosen and receive resources in order to build their products.

These include not only an influx of money to set things into motion but also ready access to mentors and the building up of connections such as legal services and corporate partners.

Applications are accepted until the 2nd of April, and the program is running from June to September. The program itself has four different phases, ranging from a process of getting acquainted with mentors and learning the ropes to a crash course on financing in order to come up with a good pitch for Investor Day (the crowning moment of the whole program). And just like the vast majority of incubators, once the program has ended you will have continued access to resources and contacts.

When all is said and done, there can never be enough resources like this one for the mere fact that the amount of talent out there is infinite in itself. I encourage you to pay the site a visit and learn more for yourself. Make a point of checking the “Mentors” tab as well as the one named “Details” – that will let you know all about the “who” in addition to the “how” of the whole program.

ExcelerateLabs.com In Their Own Words

“Whether from business plan to demo, prototype to market, or breaking into profitability, Excelerate’s immersive 13-week program connects talented founding teams with the mentors, customers, and investors they need to build the great companies of tomorrow.”

Why ExcelerateLabs.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent way of channelling your energies and start adapting your vision to the demands of the real world out there.

Some Questions About ExcelerateLabs.com

How does it compare with related incubators? In which senses has it got an edge? ExcelerateLabs.com