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No Need to Suffer Through Agonizing Excel Work. Get Help From Excel Rescue

I have passable knowledge of the Spanish language. I can converse casually. 80% of the time, I grasp the full meaning of what I read. But when it comes time to speak to a doctor? When things get technical and I need absolute clarity and understanding, and fast? I need help.


Most of us face a similar situation when it comes to using Excel. As the standard for spreadsheets, Excel is everywhere. We probably know how to navigate it a bit, use it to some degree. We get by. If we have a simple question and a desire to increase our capabilities, maybe we use help, do a Google search, or consult a forum. Which is fine for the basics. But when we need help with more involved tasks? When there’s no time? When there’s no margin for error and the job is definitely beyond our skills?


Time to call on Excel Rescue, a service that provides expert Excel help for CFOs, CGAs, business owners, coaches, project managers, engineers, consultants, financial advisors, HR managers, and accountants.


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Even for the experienced, creating graphs and charts can be time-consuming, endeavors. Say you need a scorecard or executive summary, a VBA macro, and you have no idea where to begin or how you’ll manage the undertaking before a deadline. Excel Rescue has you covered.


Excel Rescue creates and makes updates to graphs/charts and dashboards. The company also provides duplicate records checking, corrupt file recovery, functions and macros, reformatting and more.


When you want fast, reliable, pro help, Excel Rescue has the solutions. Pricing for the service depends on whether you have a small or medium task that needs to be carried out. Small tasks include writing a simple function or formula, or recovering a corrupt file. An audit for mistakes, creating a new dashboard, reformatting or reorganizing your spreadsheet count among medium tasks. Have a look here for a more detailed breakdown. If you have a project you think is beyond the scope of what you see listed, you should contact Excel Rescue.


The company also offers third-party solutions for affiliate partners. Say your software allows customers to import and export data, but avoiding complications or taking full advantage of the software’s features requires Excel skills that the customers lack. Help from Excel Rescue would help those customers gain the most value from their data and thereby the software itself.


Ready to enlist the experts to handle your Excel work? Find the help you need or learn more about Excel Rescue’s services at


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