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Elevator Pitch: supplies beautiful, accessible timelines of major companies so you can learn from their mistakes.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Startup founders feel like they’re reinventing the wheel. That’s one of the reasons people launch a new company, right? They’ve found a niche that they think they can fill better than anyone else in the world. They want to create something that will take the world by storm.


However, even if your idea is the most innovative thing out there, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to process. Ask any successful entrepreneur how she got going and you’ll undoubtedly hear tales of long nights reading up on everything from design to coding. You’ll also hear tales of a little bit borrowed from here, a little bit from there, and lots and lots of advice from folks who have been there before.


Maybe in the future there will be one more thing you hear about: The site outlines the evolution of products like Facebook, Medium, and Uber so that you can see exactly how they have changed through the years. It gives you an idea of the kinds of pivots, switches, and evolutions that the companies have taken. It’s an in-depth look into how other companies have changed and, quite possibly, how they’ve dealt with some of the things you’re dealing with in your own startup.


The site is also great for dorks like me who are just into this kind of stuff. It’s easy to read, and chock full of facts about companies that normally would take a bunch of searches to find; stuff like what date and time, exactly, Uber was founded.


So yeah, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. has a bunch of the parts already.



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