Evoca.com – The Power of Voice: Record Your World

Evoca.comThe power of speech, of the spoken word, can be a powerful tool, and that is why Evoca has developed a means to harness that power. Using Evoca´s technology you can record your voice and speak your mind.

Journalists, writers and reporters can use Evoca to record their notes and thoughts. Businesses can use Evoca to record important messages or to make key statements more effective. Anybody can start their own diary. Bloggers can add their voice to their blog. Story tellers can record their tales for the world to hear. Make notes, set down your views, send messages to friends—Evoca has many uses. To get started it, you´ll first need to set up an account. Afterwards, just record via your computer´s microphone, cell phone, or Skype. With a free account you´ll be allowed to record up to 60 minutes; other features include, the ability to charge for your recording, access to recordings through RSS, transcripts and translations, and the ability to search audio word for word. If you pay $4.99 per month you can record 180 minutes and make recordings via Skype. Feel free to browse the collected recordings; some of them are quite interesting.

Evoca.com In Their Own Words

“Evoca makes it very simple for everyone to instantly create, organize, share and search voice recordings.

Why Evoca.com It Might Be A Killer

The human voice has a certain captive effect to it. Evoca´s handy tool is ideal for capturing people´s attention. Especially useful is it´s integration with mobile technology, so that people can record notes, or songs, or things of interest wherever they are. People will likely find it a great forum for voicing their opinion; and musicians can use it to get their songs out.

Some Questions About Evoca.com

This site has its uses, but will people really be that enthralled? Other sites have already done this and have added widgets to make recording even easier; will Evoca do the same? Evoca.com