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Everywun.comIt is a fact of life that every individual champions one cause or the other. Sociologists can attribute it to different factors: self-realization, the wish to transcend, the desire to prove oneself… Now, suppose that there were a system that would enable you not only to make your allegiance public when you are online but also to earn money in the process.


That would mean you could generate a revenue merely for stating your stance. This is exactly what this website makes possible.

The premise of the Everywun website is quite effective: you embed virtual badges supporting the cause or causes you champion into your blog or social network profile. Whenever one of your readers or contacts clicks on the badge, an income is generated since advertisers pay for the exposure of their logos.

The Everywun website explains the nuances of this system and a Manifesto expounds on the inspiration behind the concept and its potential impact. Information as pertains usage and miscellaneous technical considerations can be read in the Everywun blog, whereas a chart listing the Everywun Badge totals can be consulted anytime by following the pertinent link. In Their Own Words

“Making it possible for every person and business to give to every good cause!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as an effective way to generate an income and help good causes in the process.

Some Questions About

How many badges can I implement? What is the exact amount that I will get per click?

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