EveryWear Jacket – A Stylish, Tech Clothing Dream Come True

Functional, versatile, stylish – a tall order for any piece of clothing. Add to the mix a demand that a jacket also be geared for modern technology, and you have a challenging project worthy of the most self-torturing entrepreneur’s attention.


Leave it to a company from one of the world’s great fashion centers, Milan, to make the job look easy, and stunning.




Ad Maiora dubs itself “the world’s first brand of technical urban clothing.” Their first product is the EveryWear Jacket, which would equally suit Inspector Gadget, a contestant on Survivor, and, naturally, a startup founder scheduled to pitch his company five times a day at different points throughout a city.


How so? Well, the EveryWear Jacket is designed to handle different conditions – it’s lightweight for pleasant weather; it’s made of windproof, waterproof materials for when you’re caught in the rain (not to mention, it has a holder for an umbrella); and it has optical fibers interwoven into a special fabric, as part of a LED lighting system so you can be visible commuting at night.


Abrasive resistant patches prevent pesky tearing along the arms. The zipper has a compass to get your bearings. Sharp tailoring makes the EveryWear Jacket comfortable wether riding a bike or train. Yes, you can switch styles without swapping jackets…


Perhaps most innovative of all, the EveryWear Jacket is tech smart. From a rear pocket that fits a laptop to a NFC tag, power bank to transparent pockets and RFID-blocking pockets, they’ve thought of damn near everything. This jacket allows wearers to use, protect and transport essential devices while traveling comfortably sleek.




The good people at Ad Maiora have taken into account the many difficulties of dressing in an urban setting and, impressively, they have designed a jacket that speaks to them all. Waltz from your big meeting out to your scooter to meet friends for a bite, without toting cumbersome bags or making inconvenient stops to change attire. Venture out with no fear of any weather. Stay comfortable and mobile however circumstances change.


OK, the jacket has many more praiseworthy features, but this isn’t a sales pitch. If you’re an urban hero or heroine who’s eager for clothing that’s up to snuff with modern needs, you should definitely check out the EveryWear Jacket at admaioracompany.com.


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