Everyclick.com – Search for charity

Everyclick.comYou can now start giving back to the community by searching the web. Everyclick.

com is a search engine that gives 50% of its revenues to charity. Users just need to sign up and register their charity of choice, and from then on, every search made on Everyclick benefits charity. The revenue is split up between charities proportionally, meaning the more people searching on behalf of a specific charity generate more money for that charity. When revenues are tallied at the end of the month, the money is sent to the charities, and it comes out to be about two cents per search.

Everyclick.com In Their Own Words

“Everyclick.com is a search engine that lets you search the web and benefit the charity of your choice. So far we have raised £225,796 for charities. Each active charity receives a proportion of that sum equivalent to the proportion in which its supporters use the website relative to the supporters of other active charities. The activity of everyclick website users who do not select a specific charity will benefit all active charities on a pro rata basis.”

Why Everyclick.com It Might Be A Killer

The site, powered by Ask.com, allows users to search the web as normal, receiving the same search results, while benefiting a charity of their choice. It allows people to generate income for charities without having to do change anything they would already be doing.

Some Questions About Everyclick.com

Will the site eventually include charities that don’t operate in the UK? Are there restrictions to types of charities? Everyclick.com