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EveryCall.usYou hate telemarketers (even the charity calls). No-call lists seemingly haven’t done damage to the legions of robot machine services that have sprung up in place of the real thing.


The calls keep coming. So what is a fellow citizen to do? One method is to turn to the internets and to sites like EveryCall, which specialize in getting your message heard. EveryCall in particular, is a site that lets you find out exactly who it is that’s calling you. Type in the number to find out and leave a comment. Expose the companies that are harassing you and help others to put a stop to those pesky telemarketers. Plus, you may win an iPod while you’re at it. In Their Own Words

“Enter the telephone number that came up on your caller ID and find out who’s calling. You can even leave a comment about the call you received for the benefit of others. aims to expose and help put a stop to telemarketers and other annoying telephone calls.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

EveryCall offers a chance for your average American harassed by telemarketers to strike back, to comment and complain. With more notice, the telemarketers may finally get the message.

Some Questions About

Is EveryCall effective? Does the number Lookup find what users want? Besides comments what use is this site?

Author : Bruce Turner

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