At Last, eversign Turns Dreams Of Going Paperless Into Reality

According to the Founders of eversign, 90% of contracts are still signed with pen and paper. 90%! While our entire world has been racing to transition to digital, contracts have lagged behind.


Why is this? People still fret about the security and legality of signing documents online. They lack tools that allow them to easily create and send signed documents. Or maybe the expense of a service or application can’t be justified due to infrequent use…


Eversign, a highly secure e-signature platform, intends to eliminate the hangups and help both individuals and businesses make that final leap into the digital space.


eversign landing


For starters, eversign generates typed or drawn signatures that can be quickly used to sign documents. As in authentic, legally binding, enforceable in the court of law signatures as defined in the U.S. and Europe.


That’s only the beginning, however, as eversign strives to innovate in terms of functionality. The platform also supports in-person signing, which means that customers or employees or partners can sign documents (e.g. non-disclosure agreements, waivers) directly on PCs, tablets or mobile devices.


Templates of frequently used forms allow for such documents to be completed swiftly, even signed automatically. Keeping contact profiles for frequent signees, which enables adding individuals to documents for signing in just a couple clicks, further hastens the signing process.


What’s more, all documents can be stored and managed securely in the cloud. And eversign integrates with several third-party apps such as Google Docs, Zoho, Dropbox, Salesforce, so documents can be shared and delivered easily.


In a nutshell, eversign is a safe and efficient tool for approving, sending and signing documents online. Eversign is free for up to five documents a month, with plans available to accommodate small teams up to enterprise businesses – it’s priced to be affordable for individuals (i.e. freelancers) as well as both small and large businesses.


A growing number of features positions the eversign platform as the smartest, most flexible tool for going paperless and improving workflow efficiency.


Here’s a small sample of the financial, legal, sales, and HR documents that eversign gives you greater control over:

  • independent contractor agreements
  • employment contracts
  • business contracts, vendor contracts
  • shareholder agreements
  • board consents
  • merger and acquisition agreements
  • new hire paperwork
  • customer deals
  • sales proposals
  • PTO contracts
  • separation agreements


The list goes on and on. Eager to edit, sign, and send documents with ease? On any device. With absolute peace of mind. Have a look at the future of electronic signatures and learn more about how eversign can help you to manage your documents at


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