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Everloop.comIf you have children, I am sure you have already barred them from creating an account on sites such as Facebook. And I am also sure that the conversation ended when you pulled rank and reminded your son/daughter that the grownup is you, and you are the one who knows best. That is the way such conversations always end. You know you are doing what is right for your children, but you also know that you are coming across as the squarest person in the world.


The one and only way out of that conundrum is resorting to a site like Everloop – a site that lets children network in a safe, private way.

You see, Everloop works by creating a loop around the profile of the user. In practice, this means that people who have got nothing to do with them will be unable to make contact.

In this way, the children will be able to connect with their friends, do school work together, play games… all with the ones who are part of their loops only. In Their Own Words

Built for tweens, Everloop is the next step beyond social networking, to what we call social looping.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Parents will be able to relent and let their children become acquainted with the concept of social networking, in a setting that is both safe and fun for them.

Some Questions About

Why has Facebook never released a version of its service for kids?

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