– A Website For Your Property

EstateCreate.comSimply put it, Estate Create is a service whereby you can devise a website to showcase any property you might want to sell or rent. Once this website is created, you will be able to post it on a plethora of property listing portals.

Moreover, the company offers you the opportunity to list the property through automatic feeds.

According to your needs, this service can be coupled with traditional channels like resorting to a real estate agent, but if you want to do the whole thing on your own that is always a possibility. That is entirely up to you.

Of course, the websites themselves come complete with features such as video clips, and if the property itself is in a privileged position you can resort to the provided maps to showcase that valuable fact.

At the end of the day, this service will accommodate the needs of the ones who are looking into selling, letting or promoting properties of any kind. If that could be applied to you right now, paying the site a visit will certainly do no harm. In Their Own Words

“ enables you to easily create a website for your property and then automatically list the property details on lots of different property listing sites. We have tried to design it with simplicity in mind, to allow you to easily add photos, descriptions, maps and video and choose your own design, creating a website in about 5 minutes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool will enable anybody to promote any piece of property in a way as interactive as it can get.

Some Questions About

Is this service provided for free, or do you have to pay a fixed rate?