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EssentialSkills.netDeveloped by educators and based on teaching methods, Essential Skills is a software product that has the objective of improving early learning. The available programs are described on the site, and all of them are aligned with current curriculum standards.

The product library spans over 70 titles that range far and wide, and cover a sheer scope of elementary learning skills. By way of example, these include reading comprehension, phonemic awareness and perennial stumbling blocks such as math and science. Moreover, the company is a purveyor of educational titles for older remedial students in higher grades.

Supported operating systems include Mac and PC computers, and all the featured CDs are dual platform. The minimum system specs are likewise set forth.

Orders can be placed by following the pertinent link, and the company adheres to a 45-days return policy. The supported payment methods are listed, and information on shipping and handling is concisely provided on the site as well. In Their Own Words

“Essential Skills software is developed by experienced teachers and based on well established teaching methods that have been proven to enhance early learning. Our software is closely aligned with current curriculum standards and is used in more than 12,000 schools to supplement classroom instruction.”

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Resources that better the learning experience of our children are bound to do well.

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