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Essembly.comPolitically minded? In college and ready to rock the political world? Maybe you’ve just got opinions. Everybody does.

Essembly, assembled by college students tired of lobbyists and special interest groups dominating the political field, is a place dedicated to non-partisan political debate. It’s simple. You’re a political creature. You’ve got views on your mind and want to voice them, to add to the political debate without having to worry about politicos breathing down your back. Essembly offers you the chance to do this: express yourself without feeling bogged down by political rhetoric and labels. Essembly lets you meet like minded people. It’s a social site designed to stimulate bipartisan discussion. Collaborate with others. Take action. Now’s the time. In Their Own Words

“Essembly was created by a group of college students frustrated with the increasing dominance of money and special interests in the political process. At the same time, labels like “liberal” and “conservative”, “Democrat” and “Republican”, had deeply divided and polarized Americans, limiting the potential for constructive political discussion. We felt that our voices were falling on deaf ears, drowned out by deep pockets and uncompromising ideologues. Essembly emerged as an attempt to use online social networking technology to stimulate bipartisan discussion and provide tools for individuals to connect with one another for the purpose of political collaboration, organization and action. Our objective is to make the tools of the political elite available to all Americans and increase individual participation in the democratic process at every level.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Essembly definitely hits a chord in these uncharted political waters. It offers a chance for dialogue without the rhetoric. Users can get a fresh take on politics and move the dialogue forward.

Some Questions About

Will Essembly truly generate dialogue Politic are so divided currently, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Can Essembly amass the network they dream of?