– A Very Simple Way To Share Images

Esli.meIf you are new to the Web and you are looking for a way in which you could easily share images and pictures with others then this site will fit you like a glove. It basically redefines the concept of simplicity, as it will let you upload and share files without even having to sign up first.

Supported filetypes include jpg, jpeg, png, gif and bmp among others, and files whose size amounts to as much as 8 MB are allowed.

And if you try the service and you enjoy it you will be pleased to know that you can start using some advanced features when you feel like going one step beyond. That will necessitate you create an account. Upon doing so, features like being able to display a story of your uploads for others to see will be activated.

In any case, the site can be used for free. So, if you feel like sharing pictures and you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to do that this site will let you get started in no time at all. In Their Own Words

“Upload and share your images and photos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Neophytes couldn’t ask for a more straightforward site if they tried.

Some Questions About

How will this service evolve from this point onwards?