search cancel – What Site are you Surfing? now, the growing number of Twitter related apps really shouldn’t surprise you; in fact you should come to expect newcomers on a daily, if not hourly basis. Thus we haveTwit-it, a brand new third party Twitter application from Spain.


If the point of Twitter is to answer the question ‘What are you doing?’, then Twit-it asks ‘what are you looking at on the internet?’ Basically, Twit-it wants its users to share interesting websites and links via Twitter. Twit-it can be accessed via navigator bookmark button, or an on-site button, so that you can launch the app without reloading it, or changing the page. Once you’ve pressed the button, a short link will be created which will then be sent to your Twitter stream, allowing your followers to see what you’re looking at. Twit-it is absolutely free to use. In Their Own Words

“Twit-it! is an online app that allows you to send twits to twitter, about things you are looking on internet on that moment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a simple yet quite practical app. Many Twitter members use Twitter to gather news about different websites anyhow, so Twit-it fulfills a need. Besides that, it’s very easy to use, and has a clean interface.

Some Questions About

How is this going to make money? Will people even feel the need to use Twit-it, given that they probably don’t really need a third party app for this purpose?

Author : Siri Marshall

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