– Multiplayer Social Net Game

Erepublic.comWhile currently in a private beta testing mode, erepublic promises to become a hugely popular online game that will allow users to choose their profession, such as: Politician, soldier, entrepreneur, journalist etcetera and the country that they would like to be a part of. Basically, erepublic is a massive world simulation game mixed with a social network whereby users can interact with each other while at the same time trying to take over the world or build a massive corporation.

Erepublic also states that users will only need to spend about 14-minutes per day playing so this should appeal to those casual gamers who don’t have hours to play a game each day. In Their Own Words

“History is something that already exists. You inherit it and you enrich it with your life experiences. But now you have a chance to create a different history in the Erepublik world. Being part of it, you have the opportunity to develop your economy and to create a working society with political institutions. You may concentrate on serving your country or on finding a way to personally advance in this new world perhaps by having military activity, creating private companies or getting others to elect you as a political leader.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This mix of part social network, part world geo-political simulator should appeal to both hard core and casual gamers alike. Of course, it is difficult to comment on playability due to the fact that they are in private beta but if they deliver as promised, this will be a hugely successful endeavor.

Some Questions About

When will they be going live so that those of us not invited to the private demo can get a peak inside? Will this be a text-based game or will it have graphics as well? What sort of customizable user profile options will be available?