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eRealtyInvestors.comThis site allows users to search and save investment properties that target their investing needs. Along with investors being able to save properties, they will have access to online demographics and a cashflow analysis, with interest rates updated periodically.

The website allows users to make informed decisions before buying real estate. Too many times people make uninformed decisions and do not understand the true principles it takes to be a real estate investor. eRealtyInvestors offers one on one support with each client and strives to come up with an investing strategy that allows individual investors that yields returns based upon their needs. There are many real estate investing or investment companies that do what they do. However, there is a difference. Some companies focus on niche markets, specific investment types, or only commercial. In Their Own Words

“eRealtyInvestors purpose is to provide essential information, knowledge, guidance and quality real estate investment opportunities to our clients. Whether you are a new investor looking to get started investing, or a seasoned investor seeking another opportunity, our turn-key real estate system has proven time and time again to be a great vehicle for creating long-term wealth and passive income.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Real estate professionals can have a negative persona to themselves, especially when it comes to investing thousands of miles away from your hometown. While that is apparent, eRealtyInvestors has learned first hand from some the nation’s largest competitors on how to make a “system” that works. eRealtyInvestors is a national real estate company that specializes in investments. They act no different than a Century 21 or a Coldwell Banker, other than they focus on real estate investments. The companies experience and knowledge is excellent, and they are able to attract buyers from around the country (and internationally) to purchase investment properties “over the phone.” eRealtyInvestors has taken advantage of the internet and is using technology and grassroots to create an enjoyable and effective real estate investing platform for anyone interested in purchasing investment real estate. Please note that eRealtyInvestors searches and has found some of the greatest investment real estate markets in the nation. The company doesn’t focus on speculating, or rehabbing and flipping properties, but rather on the minimal risk bearing strategy of buy and hold.

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If eRealtyInvestors services are free, then how does eRealtyInvestors get paid?