EqualMesh – Networking That’s Equal Parts Social And Professional

Say what you will about the likes of Facebook, but there’s no doubt that those who have grown up with social media have had a much more formal introduction to social networking than those who haven’t. In so many ways, both personally and professionally, this is a healthy development.


I’ll go ahead and date myself to prove a point. When I attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, there were amazing things brewing on campus of which I was totally unaware – like the birth of PayPal and YouTube. I’m not saying I would have found my way into the ground floor of these companies if I’d had online networking tools at my disposal, but…


Happily, no one needs to live with such “what if?” questions any longer. EqualMesh “is a networking and job searching platform for college students, professionals and related businesses.”


equalmesh landing


EqualMesh facilitates both social and professional growth. It’s an inclusive meeting place designed to foster connections. Students can meet other students more easily through EqualMesh – to help each other with classwork, form study groups, find jobs and internships, or find roommates.


Similar holds true for professionals, who can likewise ask and answer questions on EqualMesh, as well as get recommendations, look for work, share ideas, etc. On the business side, companies have the opportunity to recruit talent, grow their brand, offer services and products.


On that last note, EqualMesh offers a unique value proposition in that it blends both networking and e-commerce. Students can become tutors on the platform or sell their books. Professionals can sell intellectual property, goods and services. The marketplace is wide open.


At the core of EqualMesh, is what they have named “social Netcommerce,” which reflects the fusion of social and professional networking that the platform supports. Few would argue that connections aren’t essential. On EqualMesh, they are the principal currency.


EqualMesh is an especially fitting tool for college students, who find themselves in that strange transitional stage between pupil and young professional – as opposed to a LinkedIn, for example, which isn’t the ideal place for buying or selling textbooks, (not to mention a premium account for access to a wider circle of contacts is less appealing on a student budget.) Signup on EqualMesh is simple and free.


So, if you’re looking for help with homework, would like to connect with like minds and professionals, or if you’re a business trying to reach the collegiate audience, then you should request early access to EqualMesh at equalmesh.com.


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