KillerStartups – Creating eBooks In A Direct Way

ePubBud.comePubBud is a new platform for the instant publishing and sharing of eBooks. The ones responsible for the site term it a “YouTube for children’s eBooks” – IE, a place where any person can take a book he has written and upload it for all to get a copy and read it in their favorite devices.

And yes, that includes iPads.

The whole site can be used at no cost. You are provided with the resources for editing and publishing the book online, and as a matter of fact you can mail the company a copy of any children’s book and they will digitize it for you, so that it becomes readable in your brand-new iPad. That also means that it would become uploadable to the site, obviously.

The site is focused mainly on books for children, but some titles that are geared towards adults are already available. I wonder if these are just an exception to the rule, or if the site is going to expand its outreach eventually and move into genres other than literature for children. In Their Own Words

“Publish and share your own digital books in the open ePUB format.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Aspiring authors will find it a valid way to promote what they do.

Some Questions About

What about copyright and related considerations?

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