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Eptiv.comEptiv is a young website where people from all over the world can convene and discuss or debate the latest news. All news are gathered from trusted sources around the web, and you can find them grouped in the main page under categories such as “Popular News” and “Hot News”.


A list of the most popular keywords is provided for you to see what is being sought the most by visitors, too.

The programmer explains that in contrast to a news site where you are just kept up to date with what’s happening, on you can say what you think about what’s happening. That is, people are known to flock to sites that aggregate news. Naturally, after learning about them they will arrive at their own conclusions and want to express them. The site claims to offer the possibility for each and every individual to do just that. In actuality, sites like Digg do already offer people the chance to comment on any entry. Looks like somebody didn’t do his homework here, I am afraid. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Here you can find the latest and most interesting news from around the world gathered from the most trusted sources on the web and debate them with people.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It has a clear layout, and the news are always up-to-date.

Some Questions About

Haven’t sites like Digg offered the very same functionality from day one?

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