ePractice.eu – EU Professional Community

ePractice.euePractice.eu is a site created by the European Commission geared towards helping create connections between the different professional communities.

ePractice.eu is a place where individuals from the eGovernment, eInclusion, and eHealth communities can connect and share their experiences and knowledge with each other. When you join the site you create a profile which enables you to meet people from all over Europe. You never know who you will meet on the site and what opportunities could potentially present themselves. You can learn from others by reading their cases. You can comment and rate the cases as well. Add to the community by publishing your own cases and sharing your experience and knowledge with others. There are other ways you can learn on the site besides the cases; you can join an online or offline workshop. There are many workshops that focus on different topics such as, Management – eHealth, eInclusion – Aging well, and many other interesting topics. Take a look at the upcoming events, of the country fact sheets. ePractice.eu has a library, a news section, and a glossary. ePractice.eu has many tools and features that you can take advantage of. ePractice.eu is the ultimate European Commission portal.

ePractice.eu In Their Own Words

“ePractice.eu is a portal created by the European Commission which offers a new service for the professional community of eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth practitioners.
It is an interactive initiative that empowers its users to discuss and influence open government, policy-making and the way in which public administrations operate and deliver services.
ePractice.eu involves practitioners from all 27 Member States, EU-member candidate states and EFTA countries. Practitioners from other countries outside the EU are also welcome to join.
The ePractice.eu portal combines online activities with frequent offline exchanges: workshops, face-to-face meetings and public presentations. With a large knowledge base of real-life case studies submitted by ePractice members from across Europe, ePractice.eu serves as a point of reference for all users.
ePractice.eu is based on the inherently participative nature of web services: it goes beyond the “exchange cases” and facilitates the exchange of advice, experiences, events and stories.”

Why ePractice.eu It Might Be A Killer

ePractice.eu has an attractive interface, the dark blue background and gold accents give the site a striking look. The site is easy to navigate and well organized. The glossary and country facts are useful tools. ePractice.eu has many different sections that feature easy to access information. Rating and commenting on cases is a good way for community members to communicate and get involved in the site.

Some Questions About ePractice.eu

ePractice.eu is a European community it should be available in other languages besides English. Each week a different case should be featured so that the members can critique it and learn from each other’s advice. ePractice.eu