Epernicus.com – Network for Healthcare Professionals

Epernicus.comAs you can probably guess by its name, Epernicus isn’t your average social network. It’s a networking platform for scientists.

As such, Epernicus offers its users tools and resources which aid in advancing their work. The aim isn’t primarily about gathering contacts, although Epernicus does offer its users ample opportunity to do so; rather, the site focuses on knowledge sharing. Users of the site are able to search through resources to find information about different methods and materials pertinent to their work. Users are allotted scientific profiles to maintain a web presence, allowing them to connect with fellow scientists and professionals. Sign up is free.

Epernicus.com In Their Own Words

“Epernicus is a professional networking platform for health and life scientists. Our goal is to connect researchers with their real world scientific networks, enabling them to find the resources they need to advance their work. We believe that having a useful network isn’t necessarily about adding as many contacts as possible. In fact, most scientists already have a large network based on their current institution and their prior research advisors. The bigger challenge is tapping this network to find the right people with the right expertise at the right time. That’s why we created Epernicus.”

Why Epernicus.com It Might Be A Killer

Epernicus allows researchers to share their knowledge and advance their work. It’s got a clean interface and offers a robust set of tools for users to research and connect.

Some Questions About Epernicus.com

How easy is this for newcomers to use? What’s the business model? Will we see more features in the future? Epernicus.com