EOSDirectory.com – Enterprise Open Source Directory

EOSDirectory.comThis online database has the aim of providing an overview of the many open source platforms, frameworks and solutions in existence, presented in a language that is clear and easy-to-understand.

The database itself is subdivided in four different categories that cover the whole specter.

These are “Operations”, “Application Development”, “Infrastructure Solutions” and “Applications”.

In each case, a review is featured and it highlights the merits of each discussed items. The review also features a rating, and if you couple that with the provided case studies you can have a good understanding of where each solution and project stands as a whole.

The EOS Directory is actually a community site, and this means that visitors can contribute both ratings and comments as well as suggesting that new projects be added to the database.

Lastly, a forum is featured and you can not only interact with other like-minded individuals but also ask for expert advice therein. All in all, the site is a comprehensive resource that members of the open source community are certain to appreciate.

EOSDirectory.com In Their Own Words

“EOS started its life offline as the Open Source Catalog in November 2006. We were surprised by the demand (over 10,000 downloads to date) and the positive response from both enterprises and the open source community. The demand for updates, additions and conversations quickly became overwhelming and we built EOS to take the endeavor online and provide a greater opportunity for enterprises to connect with the open source community.”

Why EOSDirectory.com It Might Be A Killer

It is an encompassing resource that can be readily accessed.

Some Questions About EOSDirectory.com

How many items are already part of the database? EOSDirectory.com