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eoFood.comFor many of us, the kitchen is a ready-made scenario for disaster, a truly cataclysmic ground. And that’s no exaggeration – leave us to our own devices there, and any calamity might happen. We need to be taken gently by the hand, and guided all along the way. We need sites like eoFood.

On eoFood, people who can’t find their way around the kitchen can post questions for more seasoned folks to weigh up, and offer their help. Everything from help with recipes and the best places to buy some hard-to-get ingredients to really specific questions such as which fruits continue to ripen after they’ve been picked can be asked on eoFood. And in addition to being answered, they can be voted. The most popular ones (in nine out of ten cases, the ones that are more original) gain extra visibility, and have a chance to be answered not only faster but also more comprehensively.

And just in case you need some more assistance, give this comprehensive food encyclopedia a try. It features recipes and food news along with health and nutrition information.

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