Enwikopedia.com – The Un-Wikipedia: Pay For Your Page

Enwikopedia.comEnwikopedia is in effect, the anti-wikipedia. Wikipedia, is, as we all know, a free, crowd-sourced encyclopedia.

Enwikopedia is a paid encyclopedia. Every page can be purchased which means you control the info (that is, if you’re the purchaser, of course). You can put anything on your purchased page granted that relates to the page word you bought, and nothing adult or offensive is permitted. You can edit your page using wikitext. If you’re unsatisfied with your page for any reason, you’ll get a full refund (within 30 days). Pricing appears to be by word. $10 gets you a phrase of three or more words. $50 buys you a phrase mad of two words, while $100 is what it takes to get a super charged word like God. All purchases are made through Paypal.

Enwikopedia.com In Their Own Words

“Are you envious of wikipedia owning the top google ranking for just about every keyword? Annoyed at their use of the nofollow attribute? Wish you had a link to your website?
Do you want to be part of internet history? Do you need some visitors to your site? Do you just have an urge to say something?
What ever your reason, this is your chance secure a key plot of internet real estate. Get in early and get the key words / phrases that you like. It’s guaranteed by the best Refund Policy EVER!”

Why Enwikopedia.com It Might Be A Killer

Enwikopedia gives you absolute control over your page. Unlike Wikipedia, you get to determine the contents; you’re not bound by fellow editors. It’s a good way to get visitors to your site, or to advertise your site. If your anti-wiki, Enwikipedia is a means to loosen the powerful wiki reigns.

Some Questions About Enwikopedia.com

Why would anyone want to pay for their own wicki page? Edits on Wikipedia, no matter how devious, can and have been made by many a corporation looking to protect their brand. So it seems rather futile to purchase a Enwiki page. There are many other, free ways to get your word out. Enwikopedia.com