ENURGI.com – Health Care at Home

A web-based healthcare company aiming to cover the whole country, Enurgi uses technology to connect families with local caregivers in the US. Enurgi lets you manage the healthcare process like never before, as you can handle just everything using your home computer. As a user of Enurgi.com, you can do everything from looking up physicians and scheduling appointments to paying them afterwards using PayPal.


Moreover, Enurgi lets you rate all of the doctors and physicians that are part of its database. You can give them a score, and explain exactly why you’re being so harsh or generous. You can mention everything – whether they seemed bad-humored or were jovial when they examined you, whether their equipment worked as it should or not… The more than 1,000,000 clinicians that make up the site’s database are all extensively rated and discussed.

For now, Enurgi is available only in the US. If it becomes successful (and there’s just no reason to think it wouldn’t, what with the increasing relevance that the concept of home healthcare has got today) I wouldn’t be surprised to see the emergence of similar companies elsewhere. And it isn’t that far-fetched to think of Enurgi itself covering some neighboring markets like Canada.

UPDATE: Enurgi did indeed become successful, to the point of being acquired by Univita Health in early 2009. Its home-based management services have now become assimilated into Univita’s integrated care model.