Enthusem.com – Stay In Touch With Peers & Colleagues

Enthusem.comPrinted greeting cards have been used by people all through the ages in order to let others know that they care for them. Many people think that they are some of the most efficient ways to make sure that your friends, relatives, business partners and clients will remember you for a long time.

But what happen today, when the internet is the main source of communication and interaction between people? Are traditional greeting cards still useful? The answer to this question is positive but it should be said that there are some changes that have to be accounted for in order to keep their magnetism and effectiveness. You can use this service to get in touch with prospects and customers as well as supporters, friends and relatives fast and effectively.

This is a website that allows users to send a variety of greeting cards that link to interesting content such as videos, audio files and webpages.

There are currently two types of accounts available – a free one (named “Personal”) and a business one that goes by the corresponding name.

You can learn more about their features by giving the site a visit at www.enthusem.com. And you can give the free plan a spin too, obviously.

Enthusem.com In Their Own Words

“Technology has given us exciting new ways to communicate but the personal nature of a printed greeting card still can’t be matched – or can it? What if you combined the timeless style of a printed greeting card with online video, audio and other Web content? That’s exactly what you can do with Enthusem.”

Why Enthusem.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it will allow users to keep in touch with their relatives and friends in an easy and fast way.

Some Questions About Enthusem.com

How is this service going to evolve? Enthusem.com