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Enstore.comThe aim of this website couldn’t be clearer: it will empower you to start your very own online store, and sell your products to the world at large. It does so by letting you integrate a shopping cart into your existing website, and use it to market whatever it is you have to offer to the world.


The shopping cart itself can be customized as you see fit, and having it match the conceit and look of your site is done without you having to exert yourself that much.

This system works in tandem with two other: Checkout and AccountEdge. These two services are necessary since it is only through them that you will be able to ship out the orders that are placed, and track your customers.

This service comes in three different incarnations: “Starter”, “Standard” and “Pro”. The difference lies solely in the transaction fee that is charged: 1 % (“Pro”), 2 % (Standard) and 4 % (Starter). In any case, the service is entirely free to use right now, while the site is still in beta and its finer points are still being worked upon. In Their Own Words

“Enstore is an e-commerce platform that works with Checkout and AccountEdge.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those among you that have always wanted to start your own stores will be capable of doing it through such a system.

Some Questions About

When is the beta run going to finalize? What are the fees that will apply once that has happened?

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