Enjoy Third-Party Integrations Without the Security Concerns With Protective.ai

While third-party integrations for apps like Slack and Zoom are great for teams looking to streamline their work, it can be tough to know just how secure they really are. And with a growing number of integrations, meaning more and more third-party apps having access to your company’s data, comes a greater risk of exposure.

A large part of this risk is due to the fact that many integration vendors simply struggle to communicate their privacy policy and data protection measures to their users, leaving them to fill in the gaps or find a service to do it for them. And while cybersecurity services try to address these concerns with audits or other tools, many risks can still slip through the cracks. Not to mention, their services are usually too complicated and expensive for SMBs, startups or freelancers to use with confidence.

To address all of these issues, Protective.ai is democratizing integrations security and bringing greater transparency to the entire integrations ecosystem with intelligent, simple and affordable data protection reports and tools that empower businesses with more control over their security while boosting developers’ reliability, accountability and rate of adoption.

Protective.ai builds comprehensive, data-driven security reports by using AI to analyze the cloud security, privacy policies and community trust of over 10,000 business apps and integrations to determine their overall Data Safety Score. The Protective.ai platform goes beyond general data protection regulation (GDPR) to uncover actual risks posed by cloud vulnerabilities and vague privacy policy terms instead of relying only on self-reported compliance.

  • Cloud security | Protective.ai runs a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment for each app and integration, ensuring it protects your data against external data breaches.
  • Privacy policy | The AI scans a platform’s privacy policy to understand whether it is obligated to protect your data, keep it private and operate with transparency and control.
  • Community trust | Protective.ai collects both positive and negative trust signals from users across the web and processes them into a simple community trust score.

The result is an intuitive, easy-to-understand report that highlights all of the security-related information a business needs to know about a particular app or integration. Businesses can use

Protective.ai’s reports to understand which apps are treating their data with care and which apps could stand to improve their security.

For teams looking to take their security to even greater levels, Protective.ai is building a PRO solution that includes additional metrics in their reports and ongoing monitoring tools to protect your data, ensure compliance and keep your team safe when using integrations.

While in beta, Protective.ai has developed reports for 10,423 third-party apps, performed 16,742 security scans, analyzed 17,742 privacy policies and detected 7,204 data loss risks. They have security reports for platforms including Dropbox, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more, all to bring data protection to the masses and foster a more transparent, simple, private and safe ecosystem for everyone.

Ready for more? In the digital age, measurable online privacy, security and trust are critical for any business, large or small. Visit https://protective.ai for a better way to control your online security.