Digital Marketing Platform ‘EngageBay’ Is The Simple And Affordable Solution For Startups

One of the key initial investments for startups is – or should be – marketing. Most of the digital marketing platforms out there are pricey, sometimes up to tens of thousands of dollars a year, which put them out of reach of smaller budgets. ‘Most’ being the operative word there – new on the scene in 2018, EngageBay is a simple, affordable, all-in-one digital marketing platform for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
EngageBay helps startups power up their marketing with the same features offered by the world’s top marketing solution providers at a fraction of the cost. Designed for startups and small businesses, the platform helps companies boost web traffic and engage prospects to drive growth.


Among others, EngageBay offers the following useful features:

EngageBay homepage


SEO Toolkit – Optimize your website and boost your visibility using EngageBay’s powerful SEO toolkit, which helps you rank well on search engines and get noticed by your visitors.
Social Media – Handle all your social media activity from one place, with the ability to monitor mentions across several social media platforms.
Email Marketing – Create and run email marketing campaigns on your target lists and gain visitors.
Web Forms – Capture leads using simple web forms.
Landing Pages – Boost conversions using visually-striking landing pages.
Marketing Automation – Use a simple yet powerful marketing automation to set up a series of email sequences that are triggered by the actions of visitors on your website.


Branded as a simple and affordable alternative to Hubspot, EngageBay is a digital marketing platform that seems to follow through on that promise. They offer a free beta trial, and plan to charge less than $100/month for their most expensive package once they’re out of beta (paid plans range from $1 to $5 per day) – with no mandatory onboarding or annual fees. You can try their full suite in beta from now until April 15th without event entering a credit card.