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If You Want To Snag Those “Walk-In” Customers, It’s Time To Engage

Let’s do a quick comparison of customer interactions in brick-and-mortar companies and those in online companies. In brick-and-mortar businesses — let’s take a shoe store, for example — a customer walks through the door and is greeted by a salesperson. The salesperson makes eye contact, smiles, says something like “Good morning! Can I help you with anything?” The customer says, “Yeah, actually, I’m looking for a pair of bright red, 10” spike heels. Do you carry those?”


And the interaction goes on from there. Simple, direct, person-to-person. It’s something we’re all more than familiar with, right?


But what happens when a customer “enters” an online shoe store? She’s presented with a webpage that may or may not have a clear search bar. There are ads and deals and pop-ups yelling at her from every corner. She knows she wants those super high red spike heels, but she doesn’t know where to find them, or even if she’s in the right shop.


This is a super common experience for customers of online shops, and it’s a major reason for site abandonment and subsequent loss of sales. While you might think that your site is totally intuitive and your user interface couldn’t be any clearer, every customer is having a different experience – and they’re not as familiar with what you’re offering as you are. As a result, you could be shedding potential sales like a dog sheds his fur in summertime.


That’s where Engage comes in. Engage is a real-time sales management tool that basically provides your company with that salesperson the minute your online customer “walks through the door.” You set it so that when you (or your sales team) are online and available for real-time chats, customers are given the option to chat with you via a chat bar at the bottom of the screen. The chat widget can also be installed on social media, digital documents, and search engines, so your salespeople are available truly anywhere your customers may seek you out.


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.26.37 PM


If you’re worried about adding an extra cost to your already bootstrapped budget, fear not! Engage is free to set up and then only $7 per person, per month. That means that you can start as small you as you need to with, say, one salesperson, and then expand out into more and more salespeople as your startup grows.


But no matter how many salespeople your company has, Engage lets you manage them all from one simple, intuitive dashboard. Keep track of your prospects, search messages for keywords, and keep track of what everyone is doing from one place.


So yeah, you still can’t make eye contact with your customers like a brick-and-mortar salesperson can. But you can get pretty close to that level of engagement, with Engage.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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