Help Your Mac Battery Last 20% Longer With Endurance

Today’s Killer Startup: Endurance




Elevator Pitch:

Endurance is an app that will help your Mac run 20% longer.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I — as probably most of you — spend a lot of time in places that don’t have accessible plug points for my steadfast little MacBook Air. Airports, airplanes, cafes, foreign countries where I haven’t bought an adapter yet… You get the idea. However, a lack of power is no excuse for me to not get my work done, and I’ve found myself scrambling frantically more than once for a plug, only to watch in frustration as my computer ultimately fades to black.


But I will suffer from this extremely first-world problem no longer! Endurance is a new app that gives your Mac the little boost it might need to make it to the end of the work day or flight or wherever you are that is lacking power outlets. It runs in the background of your computer. When you hit that 20% battery mark, it starts adjusting your settings and turning off features that use lots of energy.


Endurance will pause “greedy” apps, like Google Chrome, which can apparently use up 20% of your battery even if you’re not actively using it! If you’re anything like me and keep a million tabs open to read “later,” that means you’ve probably been wasting a whole lot more battery than you realized. But don’t worry — you won’t lose those tabs. Endurance is configured so that they pop right up, ready to go again, as soon as you want to use them. It’s also customizable, so if there are certain apps that you’d really prefer Endurance didn’t touch, you can make sure they stay on even when your battery is low. Finally, Endurance will dim your screen in order to make sure you get the most out of it.


So give yourself a little more time before you have to scramble for an outlet. Get Endurance.



Make your Mac battery last 20% longer, with #Endurance


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