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End Offshoring Development Headaches with UruIT Nearshoring

Developing software for the US market using US talent can be difficult and expensive. The unemployment rate for US developers is a mere 1.9%, which means that demand for US-culture-aware development far outstrips the current, and foreseeable, supply. UruIT is on the leading edge of nearshoring, a novel approach that uses development teams located in regular USA time zones, to save costs without the logistical nightmare of legacy offshoring.


UruIT was developed with US customer satisfaction paramount. Their development teams all speak English, and all development hubs are located no more than 4 time zones away from any US time zone. This ensures that teams are always on the same page, and when they’re not, they are able to get back in sync immediately, during the same business day, and without any translation services required.

As you might imagine, this model provides a streamlined process that results in better development than you’d get from overseas outsourcing, in a shorter time, with far fewer communication errors and unavoidable, systemic delays. UruIT derives its name from Uruguay, where its primary nearshore development hub is located.

UruIT originated in South America, and first established a US presence in 2008, granting it the same insurance portfolio (General Liability, Professional E&O), NDA recognition and IP protections as all US corporations. This also opened the door to the normal local bank services expected by US customers.

Their “coding is high quality and reflects UruIT’s extensive expertise,” says the CEO of HIPPA Exams, a UruIT institutional client. “The team has expertly managed the project, leveraging scrum methodology and strong English skills. Their services are not only consistent but also highly affordable and adaptable to changing circumstances.”

Uru keeps regular American business hours, and is bi-costal, with offices in both Miami and Los Angeles. They can also travel anywhere in the US to establish local-team presence, as client needs dictate. Their South American development hubs are also bi-costal, with one in Montevideo, Uruguay, on the East coast, and the other in Medien, Columbia, on that continent’s west coast. From the earliest hours of Atlantic-state morning to the final hours of Pacific-coast twilight, their development team is working the same hours that Americans are..

Uru currently employs over 80 different people in South America performing design and project management roles, and has completed over 150 successful development projects to date, comprising mobile, web, b2b, b2c and SaaS implementations of all types.


Author : Kait Walrath

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